October 6th Meeting will not be held
During the last meeting the membership voted to replace the Christmas Dinner with an October picnic. Similarly to the way we replace the second meeting with the Christmas Dinner, the picnic will replace the first meeting. More information will soon be emailed and posted.

Fold over Tower/Accessories for sale

Moving Sale Ham Items - if interested, contact N3PMN by email or telephone 301-992-7291

1. 40 foot fold over tower (American) with 10' mast at top, erecting pole with steel base plate, winch for cranking up, rotor plate at top  $250
2. 2 meter/440 Comet vertical  $20
3. Two CDE Transmit/Receive Direction Controls with 8 lead cable  $100
4. One Ham IV rotor  $200

Additional information about the fold over tower.  Buck Huntzberry (WA3VDX  SK) found and bought this item and installed it himself in 2003.  It's a clever design with an erecting pole, winch, cables, and pulley's designed for mechanical advantage when cranking up to the operating position.  It can be cranked down or the winch brake used to control its descent.  Buck became a silent key in 2008 and the tower was moved to N3PMN's location at that time.  It was originally designed and outfitted with 50' of American tower but one section was sold thinking that 40' was sufficient.  It could be returned to its fifty foot height with another section of tower or a section could be taken out to limit its height to thirty feet.  It has a rotor plate near the top for in tower mounting.  It was moved at that time by pickup truck with many red flags.  It would need a concrete base (in ground) with 6 anchor bolts to match base plate holes and at least 24" deep..The current base was dug by hand and sakcrete mixed on site to form it.  The current base cannot be relocated.  Buck did the same thing at his site when he was 80.