During the last meeting the membership voted to replace the Christmas Dinner with an October picnic. Similarly to the way we replace the second meeting with the Christmas Dinner, the picnic will replace the first meeting. For more detailed about the upcoming event, click here.

Nets - Repeaters

Repeater Frequencies:

Antietam Radio Association, ARA

146.940 -  600Khz (PL tone 100.0) (W3CWC)

147.090 + 600Khz (PL tone 100.0) (W3CWC)

147.375 + 600Khz (No PL tone)     (K3UMV)

447.975  - 600Khz (PL 100.0) (W3CWC) -this repeater is sponsored jointly with the Cheese Hollow ARS.)

ARA-Hosted Nets:


Thursday evening (the last Thursday of each month)

7:00 PM on 146.940 - (PL100)

7:30 PM on 447.975 -(PL100) System Fusion Digital

The Four State Net

Wednesday evenings (Weekly)

8:00 PM on 147.090 + (PL tone 100.0)

Other Local Nets

Jefferson County ARES NET

Sundays evenings

147.255 + pl/123.0

WB8YZV repeater