Upcoming Events

May 4 @ 5:30 – Pre-meeting social

May 4 @ 7:00 – In-person meeting

The in-person meetings begin again May 4th, as do the early get-togethers many of us have come to enjoy. More information about the meeting and the pre-meeting social, including the address of each venue, can be found here.

2021-22 Candidates

Initially, we didn’t have a full slate of candidates; that is until a past president, Brian Umbrell (W3PDW), was nominated for and accepted the challenge to run for the office of President. With his acceptance, we now have a full slate of officers. Please note: This doesn’t mean that nominations are closed – far from it! The ARA will accept nominations for any office or for a directorship until the election on May 4, 2021. [Read More]

Feeling Nostalgic?

...revisit an old friend

While we are still working on bring our current site to the “full splendor and glory” of its prior self, we felt that it might be appropriate to provide access to the recent site. Before completely stopping the server, Scott requested that Archive.org scan and store our domain, W3CWC.ORG. Their goal is to provide a historical reference to the ever-changing Internet. When I saw just how this worked, I immediately realized just what a wonderful reference tool it is. [Read More]

ARA Elections

...not just a job, an adventure

The Antietam Radio Association’s bylaws mandate that we have an election each year for a new slate of officers – according to our current president, Butch (NI2W), the attempts to band together a nominating committee have not been as successful as hoped. He, as the president and having little unilateral authority, recently proposed the following in an email sent to the members of the Executive Board:

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Amateur Radio Study Options

... a brief collection of study guides

This content was born from an effort to help a new ham that had reached out. This request motivated me to work on the ARA site, and to include a short list of different options that I had used or with which I was already familiar (W5YI.ORG, ARRL.ORG, and KB6NU.COM). I will be updating and expanding this section as time permits, but since a good portion of my time is now used rebuilding the ARA site, I am adding a few links to those places I found of great benefit. [Read More]

W3CWC -- the return

What to expect next

The ARA site was purposely taken down a week or two ago because of the strong suspision of malicious code, and to bring it back in a more secure, faster performing manner. In this case, it has taken us a little longe than we’d expected to bring everything back up. For that, we apologize.

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